How I started out Affiliate Marketing

My name is Zafar Merchant, a web developer who is living an extremely happy life. Like most people today, I have always been interested in earning some extra money. Since many opportunities were emerging online, I was thinking of using eBay to make that extra money but I quickly discovered that this was not for me. Making money on eBay required a lot of time commitment and many trips to the post office, which was definitely not appealing. This forced me to look for and try other ways to make money.

While browsing the internet in 2007, I found a lot of hype about people making money online and this got me very interested. Through research, I discovered that a few more people were earning money and posting their earnings on the internet and this got me hooked. Chris Carpenter wrote and sold an eBook called Google Cash and this was the first that I read on making money online. He had a membership site that I joined and left soon after.

Next, I joined the wealthy affiliate for a full year and then left because I did not really understand online marketing at that time and it looked really difficult. As a matter of fact, I was struggling with an overload of information.

John’s amazon affiliate program was the one that helped me to make some money online. I did great after building several websites as I was earning $260 per month at one time. Unfortunately, this changed suddenly as Google modified its search engine policy and this caused my websites to get loss at the bottom of the search engine algorithm. In addition to that, I created several AdSense websites which were successful to some extent but it did not take long for them to become victims of Google’s Panda, Penguin updates.

Those failures did not deter me from finding better ways to earn money online and I later became a member of warrior forum where I started to look for other opportunities. Many people scammed me after making promises to help in my efforts to earn online.

Finally, I discovered John Thornhill partnership to success program and realized that it was effective and legit. I am hoping that this program will help me to make some real money in a year or so.

Now that I have started on a new path to make some extra money with a new commitment, you will get updates along the way. At this time, I don’t feel that this program is hype or a scam. It also has a private group on Facebook where people are part of a community that likes to help others to achieve success and have a bright future. After all the years of searching in the wrong places, I am so happy about finding this program.

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